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Read Feedback

What our customers are saying about us

Read feedback from our customers. This is genuine content and will provide confidence and enable you to  make an informed decision, when boarding your pet. If you wish to contribute to our Read Feedback column, visit the Send Feedback page or send us an email. We are Asurequality approved, providing minimum standards for all cats… Continue Reading

Mission Statement

Our values for our customers

Our Mission Statement is a reflection of our ideals and standards, and our expectation of how animals should be treated. A mantra worth repeating.

 “We provide all animals with the highest level of care and attention while maintaining their health and mental balance”

By attaining our certification with AsureQuality, and implementing policies and procedures, associated with this, we believe, we are able to provide, quality care and attention to all pets in our facility, at all times.

We live by our Mission Statement and believe that every animal deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.


Comfort and Safety

For your peace of mind.

Welcome to Alrona Pet Motel.

We are an Asurequality Approved Kennel/Cattery facility.

We live by our Mission Statement, and believe that every animal deserves to be treated with respect.

We also welcome inspections. An appointment must be made, prior to your visit, and at our covenience, during trading hours.

For your peace of mind, and the comfort and safety of our guests, we separate large and small dogs in to social groups. Families can be housed together if required.

This ensures safety for all of our guests. If you care for a large and small dog, they will be housed together, if this is a requirement.

For your peace of mind, and your dogs safety and well being, we do not double – up animals from different families, in the same pen. The size of our pens are as follows:

Large dogs, front pad: L 2.0m H 2.0m W 1.2m Wooden kennel interior: L 1.2m H 1.2m W 1.2m

As part of our comfort and safety regime, we prefer that you provide a  familiar piece of clothing/bedding,  to assist your pet with the settling in process.

No bean bags, foam rubber or duvet inner for bedding please.

Our perimeter fence is constructed of six foot corrugated iron, that only the very determined would attempt to scale. To date, no dog has ever achieved this feat.

Play time is provided for a MINIMUM of 15 minutes, twice daily, however, your pet will experience longer than this.

Whether your pet is not as agile as they used to be, or if they are used to playing in a large area, we can accommodate their needs.

Depending on the sociability of your dog, he/she will enjoy their play time alone or with a small compatible group.

We do not combine all of our dogs during play time. They are separated by temperament and size.

Our friendly staff, will ensure your pet is provided with lots of hugs and cuddles  and one on one attention, while holidaying with us.

Our dogs are fed Nutrience super premium dry dogfood original.

If you wish to bring your own food, it is preferable if this is pre – bagged in to daily meals.

Any dog with fleas and/or worms, will be treated and the cost of this will be added to the customers account.

If you are using a natural alternative, please bring some of the solution for us  to administer, while you are away.

For dogs or cats with medication it is preferable to supply ONLY the amount required for the pets stay. We do not want any extra that may become lost during the pets stay with us.

Bitches in season will be catered for but not in peak holiday periods and there will be an extra charge.

Entire dogs are also catered for, but there will be an extra charge for this, due to the fact, that most entire dogs want to mark every single area they inhabit. If not cleaned immediately, this creates a rather pungent smell, that is upsetting to everyone, including staff.

Entire males will not be admitted in peak holiday periods including School Holidays, Easter and Christmas and at any other time as deemed necessary.

We reserve the right to refuse vicious dogs or any animal that shows any sign of ill health, or that would become distressed if holidaying with us.