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Alrona Pet Motel would like to thank you for choosing us to look after your pet.

Feel free to contact us, we enjoy talking to you to discuss how we can provide the ultimate care for your beloved cat and/or dog. 

Email is our preferred method of contact, however,  we also enjoy discussing any boarding, or other  issue, with our prospective customers.

This assists with maintaining a pets health and well-being during their time with us.

Phone the office, mobile or email us at the contact details listed below:


Alrona Pet Motel

2c Kaitoke Loop

Upper Hutt 5018

P: 045267348

M: 0272444075


            Upper Hutt SPCA Inspected and Approved Seal

  • Alrona sign covered in rain drops
  • Blue roan cocker spaniel
  • Cocker spaniel and Weimaraner walking together
  • Cornish rex sleeping on a black and white english pointer

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know

Frequently asked questions and answers for boarding a cat and dog at Alrona Pet Motel.  We welcome any question with regard to your pets well-being while at our facility. If you feel there is a frequently asked question we have omitted, please contact us and we will add an item to this page. Q. Are bookings… Continue Reading