Our trading hours are designed to ensure our guests enjoy a quiet time in the middle of the day.We adhere to these hours for their health and safety. 

View our trading hours, through to 2017,  for drop off and pick up of your pet.

Trading Hours.

Hours for drop off and collection.


Weekly Hours  Hours am  Hours pm
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8 – 10.00 am 4 – 6pm
Tuesday Closed Closed
Saturday 8 – 10.00 am (Closed PM)
Sunday (Closed  AM) 4 – 6pm
Public Holiday Hours 2015-2018  2015  2016 2017 2018
New Years Day (CLOSED) Thurs Jan 1 Fri Jan 1 Sun Jan 1 Mon Jan 1
Day after New Years Day (CLOSED) Fri Jan 2 Mon Jan 2 Mon Jan 2 Tue Jan 2
Waitangi Day    (4pm to 6pm) Fri Feb 6 Mon Feb 8 Mon Feb 6 Mon Feb 6
Good Friday      (8am to 10.00 am) FriApril 3 Fri April 25 Fri April 14 Fri Mar 30
Easter Monday  (4pm to 6pm) Mon April 6 Mon April 28 Mon Apr 17 Mon Apr 2
Easter Sunday (CLOSED) Sun April 5 Sun Mar 27 Sun Apr 16 Sun April 1
ANZAC Day      (4pm to 6pm) Mon April 27 Mon April 25 Tue April 25 Wed April 25
Queen’s Birthday (4pm to 6pm) Mon June 1 Mon June 6 Mon June 5 Mon June 4
Labour Day       (4pm to 6pm) Mon Oct 26 Mon  Oct 24 Mon  Oct 23 Mon Oct 22
Christmas Day  (CLOSED) Fri Dec 25 Sun Dec 25 Mon Dec 25 Tue Dec 25
Christmas Holiday Hours As below As below As below As below
Boxing Day       (CLOSED) Sat Dec 26 Mon Dec 26 Tue Dec 26 Wed Dec 26
Wellington Anniversary (4 to 6pm) Mon Jan 19 Mon Jan 25 Mon Jan 23 Mon Jan 22

   Christmas Holiday Hours

   Our facility will close at 10.00am on 24 December and re-open January 3 at 8am.

   January 3 to January 12 are 8-10.00am only.

   Normal trading hours will resume Friday January 13 2017

   We are still attending to pets during this period, but are not open to the general public.

   This ensures that all animals have a much needed rest during the day, which is paramount to their health and safety.