Check out our links that are designed to provide information for dog and cat owners.

See what our local vets are talking about, poisonous plants that are in our garden, adopt an animal and how to remove pet odour from flooring, all in the links below.


Sites worth visiting.

100 Years of Dog Breeding “Improvement” 100 Years of Dog Improvement
 Animal Welfare Act 1999  Animal Welfare Act 1999
 Cameronian Pet Lodge,Rotorua Cameronian Pet Lodge
Cat Themed Sites to Make You Purrr  Cat Themed Sites
Cats and Canines Behaviour Solutions Cats and Canines Behaviour Solutions
 Code of Recommendations/Minimum Standards/Boarding Kennels Code of Recommendations
 Colombus Dog Connection- how to make an elevated dog bed Make an elevated bed
Dogs To Make You Smile Dogs to make you smile
Doglinks Doglinks
Finda Finda
Furry Hats of Christmas Christmas Dog Hats
HUHA – Helping YouHelp Animals HUHA
Maidstone Vet Upper Hutt Maidstone Vet
 Massey University – Veterinary, Animal & Biomedical Sciences Massey University
Masterpet NZ Masterpet NZ
Nude Ranch Sphynx Sphynx Cats
Nutrience NZ Nutrience Premium Food
NZ Directory NZ Directory
NZ Pages NZ Pages
NZ Search NZ Search
Odarid Odarid Products
Paw Justice Paw Justice
Pet Hotels Pet Hotels
Pets on the Net Pets on the Net
Pets Place South Africa Kennels South Africa
PetPro Pet Products
Pet Shop Deaths-puppy farms in NZ Puppy Farms NZ
Poisonous Plants to Avoid Poisonous Plants
Run Spot Run – Information for Wellington Dog Owners Run Spot Run
Upper Hutt Vet Hospital Vet Hospital
Positively – Victoria Stillwell Positive Training
Yellow Pages Yellow Pages
 Wanganui Pet Motel Wanganui Pet Motel
 Wellington SPCA Wellington SPCA