Mission Statement

Our values for our customers

Our Mission Statement is a reflection of our ideals and standards, and our expectation of how animals should be treated. A mantra worth repeating.

 “We provide all animals with the highest level of care and attention while maintaining their health and mental balance”

By attaining our certification with AsureQuality, and implementing policies and procedures, associated with this, we believe, we are able to provide, quality care and attention to all pets in our facility, at all times.

We live by our Mission Statement and believe that every animal deserves to be treated with kindness and respect.


  • Cornish rex cat sleeping alongside English Pointer
  • Black and white cornish rex cat looking serene
  • Lavender flowers in sunlight
  • Cocker spaniel with tongue out
  • Blueberries on stem

Terms and Conditions.

Customer agreement.

Our terms and conditions provide safety and security for both owner and pet. We expect all pets to be currently vaccinated, prior to entering our facility.

Terms and Conditions.

1. My dog/s is /are fully vaccinated against,  Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Distemper and Canine (kennel) Cough. Please ensure these are up to date or STRICTLY NO BOARDING.

2. I give the proprietors full authority to seek veterinary attention should they deem it necessary and/or any anaesthetic or surgery at my expense, including transport costs.

3. On veterinary recommendation I consent to euthanasia should it be deemed necessary.

4. I have provided all information concerning special problems or behaviour of my animals and special diets, allergies or medication that may pose a risk to my pet or others. I/we undertake to advise the proprietors of any changes to the information recorded in this agreement, prior to the commencement of any boarding period.

5. I acknowledge that while the proprietors and their employees will take all reasonable care, they cannot be held responsible for injury, death, escape or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to animals.

6. In the unlikelihood of death, I give the proprietors permission to arrange an autopsy at my expense, to ascertain cause of death, including the possibility of disease. As set out in Asurequality requirements.

7. I understand the proprietors accept no financial responsibility for lost/damaged collars, leads, bedding, toys, carry cages etc.

8. I agree that in the event of arrears or after due notice in writing, the proprietors shall have the right to dispose of the animals. This shall not release me from liability for any unpaid fees or charges. (Abandoned pets disposed of 14 days after due pick-up date).

9. I agree NOT to board my female dog (bitch) while “in season” during peak holiday periods.

10. I understand that my entire dog may be refused entry to the facility for board and day care.

11. I understand the proprietors reserve the right to charge for facilities for all days booked including unused days and late cancellations.

12. Cancellation of confirmed bookings within 48 hours of commencement, $25.00 per booking.


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Owners may request copies of photographs of their own pet.

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