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Services We Provide

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 Services we provide for our cats and dogs:

orange and white pawprintQuality care and service

alrona pawOn site 24/7/365

alrona pawFocused, motivated and compassionate staff

alrona pawPaw Points Loyalty Rewards

alrona pawIndividual attention

alrona pawAsurequality approved kennel/cattery

alrona pawVeterinarian recommended

alrona pawStrict vaccination policy

alrona pawNutrience premium food supplied

alrona pawHydrobath if requested

alrona pawNail clipping if requested

orange and white pawprintInspection welcome on request

orange and white pawprintAuthorised Shuzi retailer

Multi pet discounts

No public holiday fees

AsureQuality Approved

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Alrona Pet Motel

About Us

Welcome to Alrona Pet Motel, a cat and dog boarding kennel, where the staff are compassionate, motivated and focused toward all pets in the facility. We take pride in the service we offer our guests with all pets receiving the same attention all day every day.

Alrona Pet Motel  is the first boarding kennel and cattery in the Greater Wellington Region, to become Asurequality  approved premises. We are situated in Kaitoke, Upper Hutt.

Our primary goal, is as our Mission Statement, “we provide all animals with the highest level of care and attention, while maintaining, their health and mental balance”.

Board with us today and receive free Paw Points Rewards, that will entitle your pet to an extra playtime with a treat, or you can choose a discount on your board rate.

Our dog and cat boarding kennel  offers premium quality attention for your pet. Because we are certified with   AsureQuality , we  meet minimum standards for cattery and kennels, to maintain this level of service.  Policies and procedures as set out by AsureQuality, also set us apart from other non – accredited facilities.

We will beat any price from other facilities when you show us your current quote.

Visit our checklist for questions to ask us prior to, or when you visit Alrona Pet Motel.

Our premises are also approved and inspected by the Upper Hutt SPCA.

A strict vaccination policy, provides  safety and well-being for every boarding cat and dog.

We provide  Nutrience super premium dry dog food original dry food to our boarding cats and dogs. If your pet is not satisfied on this diet, we can offer alternatives, and we cater for those cats and dogs, who are slow eaters.

Group play time is for social boarding dogs, where our groups are no larger than six dogs. This ensures each pet is monitored while playing outside.

Individual one on one for those who prefer to spend time by themselves, is also included in our daily routine. Small and large dogs, are separated by size and temperament.

We provide a day care service Monday to Friday. This offers excitement and fun and enables social dogs to mingle. If your dog is not social, we can also cater to their requirements.

Alrona Pet Motel, dog and cat boarding kennel, takes pride in the attention to detail  provided by our staff, to our boarding cats and dogs,  plus, the AsureQuality certification ensuring our standards are current.

All cats and dogs, are provided with the thoughtfulness and sensitivity they deserve from a dog and cat boarding kennel. We welcome inspections of our premises, at a time that is convenient with all involved.

Visit our Flickr and feedback pages for an insight into what our customers are saying about our boarding kennel and cattery.

How many differing stories have you heard about dominance in dogs, including the Alpaha and Who’s the Boss?  A must read by Victoria Stilwell(It’s Me Or The Dog) – The Truth About Dominance.

For information about off leash and other suitable dog walking areas in the Wellington Region be sure to visit Run Spot Run.

We are suppliers of  Shuz Pets Seal range of product. For human and pet reviews and research, information is available at this site:

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