Shuzi Pets is a range of collars and pendants for cats and dogs.

 These products utilise Nano vibration technology to assist with the reduction of  stress and anxiety for you and your cat and dog.

 Shuzi Pets  aid in assisting an  increase in joint and muscle strength, improve allergies, and reduce the risk of fleas and ticks.


Shuzi Frequently Asked Questions.


What is Shuzi?

Shuzi (pronounced Shoo-zee ) utilizes a proprietary chip from the United States, which is programmed to resonate with your cells’ natural frequencies and causes your blood cells to separate and de-clump.

When and where should I wear my Shuzi? 

Shuzi products work best close to your body.  It’s best to wear it all the time, even while you sleep. Tests have shown that the product is effective as long as it is within 6 inches of your body, therefore if the product is placed around your neck, in your hand, or even in your shoe – basically anywhere next to your body – the NVT (Nano Vibrational Technology) effects will be approximately the same. We personally believe that around the neck as a pendant works the most efficiently though.

 When will I feel the effects of my Shuzi?

Effects differ from person to person, ranging from subtle to very dramatic. Some people feel these effects right away, whereas most will notice effects increasing through the duration of a 30-day period. Occasionally, we have customers who claim not to feel any effects. However, upon subsequent examination of these individuals, we usually find beneficial changes that went unrecognized.

 How is Shuzi going to help me?

Shuzi is intended to provide better blood integrity by separating blood cells and allowing the blood to flow more freely thereby increasing circulation which can be measured through observing the rate at which blood cells travel around the capillaries (the veins at your finger tips) with and without Shuzi. The benefits of Shuzi are the result of a subtle vibrational energy similar to the combination of multiple identical tuning forks emitting many frequencies. The subtle vibrational energies have been chosen to be compatible with human cells and are effective within six inches of the skin.

How close to my skin does my Shuzi have to be?

For maximum efficiency, wear your Shuzi as close as possible to your skin – no more than six inches away.

 Can I take a bath, shower or swim with my Shuzi on?

Yes, Shuzi is waterproof, and actually works best when worn all the time. Dry with a towel, DO NOT use a clothes dryer as this will damage the Shuzi Chip.

How is Shuzi powered and does it ever have to be recharged?

No battery /energy source required. Many people ask us how this is possible. Here is our official explanation:

From elementary school, children are taught that in the world of physics everything is made of atoms. This includes physical items, such as desks, chairs, plastic, metal, etc.  It is a fact that all atoms are constantly in a state of motion, even atoms in a physical non-moving object such as a table.

This can be proven by Albert Einstein’s famous equation e=mc2.

According to Wikipedia (

In physics, mass–energy equivalence is the concept that the mass of a body is a measure of its energy content. In this concept, mass is a property of all energy and energy is a property of all mass, and the two properties are connected by a constant. This means (for example) that the total internal energy E of a body at rest is equal to the product of its rest mass M and a suitable conversion factor to transform from units of mass to units of energy.”

 Logically, utilizing e=mc2 every atom has mass and the speed of light (c) is a constant, therefore there must be energy in every atom. Through our proprietary programming process, our Shuzi Chip emits specific sub-atomic energy frequencies powered by the same energy that is keeping an atom in constant state of motion. Coincidentally, these energy frequencies stimulate the separation of blood cells in a person’s body which help increase blood cell circulation.

Is there scientific testing backing Shuzi?

Registered FDA Medical Diagnostic equipment called Bio meridian, proves Shuzi products (NVT technology) reduce stress. Over 1,000 Shuzi wearers were tested before and after wearing the products and the majority   showed a significant reduction in stress levels immediately after putting the product on.

Additionally Shuzi has been tested with Thermography Cameras which measure the amount of heat radiating from a person’s body. Through Thermography testing Shuzi has been shown to increase blood flow in most people in less than 30 minutes.

Analysis of blood cells before and after applying Shuzi shows a difference in shape, movement and density. The blood cells begin to separate and move freely with in 1 hour of wearing Shuzi. Results taken 48 hours after wearing Shuzi have shown increased separation and better circulation compared to without wearing Shuzi.

Please consult our Research page on for more information.

Do you offer a product warranty?

Yes, we offer a one year warranty on all Shuzi products. Should your Shuzi be faulty please contact us immediately and we will replace it.  We do not have a “change of mind policy” so please choose carefully.

Things to Remember:

  •       Results vary with each individual
  •       If you have a pre – existing medical problem please consult your Medical Professional first.
  •       When first wearing a Shuzi you may have a short detox period experiencing mild nausea, tiredness, or erratic sleep.                           
  •         Drink plenty of water it may take a few days to get adjusted.

 If you have any severe/adverse effects please remove Shuzi and consult your medical professional.