Day Care Information.

 Everything you need to know in preparation for Dog Day Care .


These are fun for your dog while providing peace of mind for you.Mission Statement.

We provide all animals with the highest level of care and attention while maintaining their health and mental balance”

At Alrona Pet Motel, we understand that, as a dog owner, you want to provide the very best care and attention available for your pet. Whether dog day care is for one or ten days, we will provide your dog with care and attention, as well as activities to ensure he/she greets you at the end of his/her stay with a wagging tail and a happy heart.

We would prefer that you deliver your dog, to us,  for day care, as we are, at this time, unable to offer a collection service.

We want them to spend as much of their day care day, as possible, playing with their buddies, and having fun, at dog day care.

Our  daily rate, is for day care within our current trading hours.

Dogs are creatures of habit, so we do have rest time in the middle of the day. This relaxing time, is paramount for the health of all dogs, and enables them to sleep and recharge their batteries.

At Alrona Pet Motel, we do not exercise all of our  day care dogs in one large unit, we group according to temperament and sociability.

We believe that one very large day care group of dogs together, will cause undue stress and an unhappy pet, if a dog is forced to socialise with others, especially if  it is not happy doing so.

The maximum manageable pack size is six, or less, and so, our groups are no larger than this, again, ensuring the safety of all  day care pets in our care.

We will admit  day care dogs who are not socialised with others, as we believe that all dogs, are entitled to a change of environment to stimulate their body and mind. They will have time on their own and also have the companionship of other dogs in the boarding facility, as well as that of our caregivers. We will not force them to mingle in a pack environment.

Owners too, want to be reassured that their beloved dog is provided with the best possible care and attention while they are attending dog day care.

Our current trading hours for day care, are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9.00 – 4.30pm.

All dog day care pets should be settled in before 9.30 am.

Your dog will be provided with a meal on request and this is not included in the daily price.

Treats are also available for purchase.

All dogs attending our day care events, are  required to be currently vaccinated  with their annual booster and also a separate vaccination to help prevent canine cough. Annual booster, to cover, parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, and para-influenza, canine cough, to cover bordetalla bronchiseptica.

Dog Day Care days are not available during peak periods, eg Christmas, but may be available during school holidays.

Please contact us,  to confirm, if you are requiring care at these times.

All dogs must be participating in a flea and worm programme, and this must be  provided, not less than two weeks before commencing day care at Alrona Pet Motel.

This must be either, signed off by your veterinarian or, if it is administered at home, shown in your vaccination book.

These are required for the health and safety of yours and other dogs while being a day care guest at Alrona Pet Motel.

Payment is required at check in.

Bookings are arranged by either phoning the office or completing our on line booking form.