Boarding Requirements.

Welcome to Alrona Pet Motel,  a dog and cat boarding facility.

We love dogs, small and large, social and non-social and we endeavour to make your dogs’ boarding experience,  the best it can be.

Our establishment is dedicated to companion animals and their welfare, as set out in the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

We also live by our Mission Statement, and believe that every animal deserves respect.

All boarding dogs are required to be enrolled on a  vaccination programme, for parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, as well as a separate vaccination to assist in the prevention of canine cough.

From the day of administration, there is a two week stand down for Canine Cough and the annual vaccine, until boarding can commence. Information also provided by NZVA.orgparagraph 1.3.5  

Alrona Pet Motel, will also request to sight your vaccination book. This can be either sent via email, or produced on the day of entry.

If you are unsure with regard to any facet of the dog  vaccination components, please ring the office to confirm our requirements.

There may be a need for a visit to your veterinarian.

These requirements protect all dogs in our care, which is of paramount importance.

No vaccinations, no boarding, no exceptions

Your dog is also required to have a flea and worm treatment, fourteen days prior to boarding.

Written confirmation of this is required.

Alrona Pet Motel, also reserves the right to exclude entire male dogs, if this is deemed necessary