Frequently asked questions.

Everything you need to know.

Frequently asked questions and answers for boarding a cat and dog at Alrona Pet Motel.

 We welcome any question with regard to your pets well-being while at our facility.

If you feel there is a frequently asked question we have omitted, please contact us and we will add an item to this page.

Q. Are bookings necessary?

A. They are advisable at all times, although necessary during peak holiday periods.

QDo you offer discounts?

A.  Yes we do, for multiple pet and also long term stays. Prices are  here.

Q How do I know your kennel is the “right one” for my dog or cat, and will you answer my questions honestly?

A. Yes, I can also answer questions that you may not have considered. However, Asurequality have a check list that my also be of value to you as a customer.

Q. What health requirements are necessary?

A. Your dog must be currently vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus and  hepatitis. A separate vaccination against canine cough is compulsory.

If your dog has a DHP annual vaccine, but has never been vaccinated for canine cough, the requirements are: one vaccine, another in two/three weeks, and then a stand down period of six weeks, prior to boarding at this facility.  If you are unsure of any aspect of the vaccination process, please contact your local veterinarian.

If your dog is currently vaccinated for canine cough, then a renewal is all that is required.

The injection, (as opposed to the intranasal version), is the preferred vaccine. This is because the stand down time, if necessary, is less. Your pet will also have to be enrolled in a flea and worm programme, and medicated, at least, fourteen days prior to boarding. Written confirmation of this is required.

Your cat must be currently vaccinated and bi-yearly vaccinations will not be accepted, as there is only a third of the vaccine that is registered for this time frame.

No vaccination, no boarding, no exceptions

Q. Do my pets have to be on a current flea and worm programme?

A. Yes, all cats and dogs are required to be de-flead and wormed, two weeks prior to entering the facility. If you use natural repellents, please bring a quantity of solution, so that we can administer this to the collar during your pets stay with us.

Q. May I bring my animals bedding?

A. A familiar piece of clothing/bedding is recommended. Please, no bean bags, duvet inners, or foam squabs. We are not responsible for any lost or destroyed belongings during your pets stay with us.

Q. Can I leave my cat crate with you while my pet is boarding?

A. Yes. Please ensure that the crate is adequately labelled to ensure correct return.

Q. Is a discount applicable if I provide my own food?

A. You are welcome to supply your own food for special diets or puppies, but the daily rate will remain the same.

Q. Is my pet confined to his/her pen all day?

A. No, your pet will have a minimum of two play times per day to stretch their legs and check out the scenery. These will consist of a minimum of 15 minutes each, as set out by AsureQuality code of practice.

Your cat will also enjoy our outdoor area during the day, however, this is entirely weather dependant.

Q. What if my pet is ill?

A. Your own vet will be consulted and should they not be available, we have our local veterinarian who will attend to your pet.

Q. Do your dogs have play time in one large group?

A. No, if you specify your dog is to experience play time alone, this is what we will do. Otherwise, we will assess the compatibility of the dogs and mix  in small groups. These groups will consist of no more than six  dogs.

Q. Do you accept entire dogs?

A. We will accept entire dogs on a case by case basis, and also reserve the right to refuse entire dogs.

Q. I want my dog to have extra play time outside, do you provide this?

A. Yes, your dog/s can have extra play times,  in 15 minute intervals,  there is no extra charge for this.

Q. Do you have a communal cattery where all cats hang out together?

A. No. Each cat has their own private apartment where they can lounge around, but also see others in the cattery. Using this strategy, helps to eliminate the spread of any contagious diseases, fleas and worms.

Q. Will you administer my pets medication?

A. Yes, but there will be a small fee for this. Our kennel programme enables us to print a seperate meds sheet that is signed and dated, for every entry of medication that is administered.

Q. May I inspect your premises?

A. We encourage our customers to inspect our facilities, but please phone for an appointment. Inspections are available, only during opening hours, at our convenience.  We have nothing to hide.

Q. What time of day should I bring my pet to the kennels/cattery?

A. The morning is preferable, as this will provide time for your pet to settle in to their new surroundings.

Q. What food will my cat and dog eat?

A. For our canine and feline boarders we provide Nutrience super premium dry dog food original. We will also cater to fussy eaters.

Q. Do I have to pay extra for Public Holidays?

A. Yes, they are: Wellington Anniversary, Waitaingi Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, Queens Birthday, Labour Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, the day after New Years Day. Applicable costs can be found on our Tariff page.

Q. Do you provide for long term stays for animals and can we visit our pets?

A. Yes. Visiting your pet may have an unsettling effect on them, however, each family will be assessed on an individual basis.

Q. I have three pets, do you have a suite for them to be together?

A. Yes. We have several suites for larger families, both cats and dogs.

Q. Can I collect my pets outside your regular trading hours?

A. We endeavour to keep all of our customers satisfied, however, we are unable to comply with this request, as we too, have a busy and tiring schedule.

Q. I have read that Karaka berries are poisonous to dogs, do you have this plant at your facility?

A. No, we have none of these plants in the kennel yards.

Q. When is my account due for payment?

A. Payment is due when you deliver your pet to the facility.

Q. What payment types do you accept?